Martín Weber

Mario. Saved Calls


" What is a likeness? When a person dies, they leave behind, for those who knew them, an emptiness, a space: the space has contours and is different for each person mourned. This space with its contours is the person´s likeness and it´s what the artist searches for when making a living portrait. A likeness is somebody left behind invisibly. " John Berger, The shape of a pocket. more

In recent years, my perception was defined by two simultaneous experiences, I became a father and I lost mine. My father had an obsession in his final days: he was, he said, not leaving anything for what he would be remembered for. The day he said goodbye to my daughter by Skype, I instinctively started to document these moments. I divided my time between New York and Buenos Aires.

One day my mother wanted me to ask the doctor how much time he had left, he answered he had outlived what was expected. I went home and asked my father to collaborate in these portraits. Somehow I wanted to keep him alive. The news of his death took us by surprise. I was not in Buenos Aires when he passed but witnessed it in the distance. This video is the last record of the time we had and the time we missed.
Martín Weber, 2011. less

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